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Jesus laughed …



I grew up with the image of a mostly distant and angry God. It didn’t bother me much, since He wasn’t any more real to me than a fairytale character. I was 11 when I realised and experienced God is alive, and have come to know Him since as the God of love.

Many people have a similar picture of God. He has no emotions and is not really involved in His children’s lives. The God we see in Jesus Christ shows us the truth. Except that He got angry at the Pharisees quite a bit for only having the outward appearance of faith, He – just like us – had many and often intense emotions.

Jesus laughed

When Jesus saw that his disciples is starting to understand what the kingdom of God is all about and started living in his power, He rejoiced! He was excited about it and started praising God. (Luke 10:21)

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Jesus wept

When Jesus saw how his friend, Mary, cried over the death of her brother, Lazarus, he was deeply moved. He wept. Whether He was moved by their sadness or if He cried because they didn’t have faith, God do get sad sometimes. (John 11:33-35)

Jesus was amazed

An officer asked Jesus to heal his slave. But, he said, Jesus didn’t have to go to the slave. He should just say the word and the slave would be healed. The man’s faith and trust in the power of God that would be effective, even across a distance by just saying a word, totally amazed Him. May God also be amazed about our faith! (Luke 7:9)

Jesus had compassion

The people were so interested in what Jesus told them, that they followed him away from the towns to hear more. Sometimes three days passed in their pursuit of Jesus and they had nothing left to eat. Jesus was moved with compassion, healed the sick and miraculously provided food for them. (Matthew 14;14 and 15:32)


You can be honest with God about your emotions. He really knows how you feel and He is interested in your feelings. He cares about you. A lot.